Personalised Rock Candy

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Cello Bag Rock Candy
Cello Bag Rock Candys are a delicious promotional idea.
from $2.19 to $1.65 ea
500 min qty
Pillow of 20g Rock Candy
Pillow Pack of 20g Rock Candy look great personalised with your brand
from $2.38 to $2.01 ea
500 min qty
Rock Candy 40g Bag
40g Bags of Rock Candy that everyone loves to munch and has enough space for promotional marketing
from $3.36 to $2.30 ea
250 min qty
Pillow Pack 40g Rock Candy
Pack of 40g Rock Candy come in an amazing range of flavours
from $5.33 to $2.90 ea
250 min qty
Squexagonal Canister
Squexagonal Canisters are stylishly shaped lolly jars.
from $6.53 to $5.02 ea
250 min qty
Clip Lock Rock Candy Jar
Clip Lock Rock Candy Jars can be custom printed with your logo.
from $6.75 to $5.08 ea
125 min qty
Printed Rock Candy Noodle Box
Printed Rock Candy Noodle Boxes can be personalized with your business name
from $7.07 to $5.72 ea
100 min qty
Handmade Rock Candy
Handmade Rock Candy is an ideal giveaway idea.
from $7.08 to $5.19 ea
100 min qty
Coloured Rock Candy Noodle Box
Coloured Rock Candy Noodle Boxes are available in a variety of flavours
from $7.58 to $5.81 ea
100 min qty
135g Rock Candy Jar
135g Rock Candy Jars are practical in appearance and a great way to put your corporate identity out in the spotlight
from $10.65 to $7.79 ea
100 min qty
Square Rock Candy Jar
135g Square Jar of Rock Candy provide a useful way to promote your corporate image
from $11.55 to $8.91 ea
100 min qty
150g Jar of Rock Candy
150g Rock Candy Jars are stylish and clear in design with exceeding amounts of marketing potential
from $11.55 to $8.91 ea
100 min qty

We have a huge a collection of personalised rock candy that any business can use for advertising. All of our custom rock candy are available in a huge variety of flavours with orange, passionfruit, blueberry, raspberry and sour apple to name just a few. Our rock candy can be packaged in small cello bags, jars, pillow packs and promotional canisters. Print your company details on any of our customised rock candy items to help market and promote your business.