Chocolate Bars

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Bella Chocolate
Bella Chocolates are inexpensive and popular.
from $18.76 to $13.16 ea
10 min qty
Promotional Gold Bars
Promotional Gold Bars are a great value for money promotional tool.
from $1.13 to $0.82 ea
500 min qty
Promo Mini Choc Bars
Promo Mini Choc Bars are 6g Belgian chocolate bars that can be finished with your own personalised wrapper
from $1.22 to $0.38 ea
600 min qty
Promotional Chocolate
Promotional Chocolates can easily be personalised.
from $1.43 to $0.53 ea
600 min qty
Choc Medal
Choc Medals have a minimum purchase order of 100 units.
from $1.97 to $1.55 ea
100 min qty
4 Chocolate Piece Set
Promotional 4 Chocolate Piece Sets make a melt-in-your-mouth treat.
from $2.21 to $1.74 ea
100 min qty
Advertising Chocolate Cards
Advertising Chocolate Cards are completely customizable promotional chocolates in the shape of a business card
from $2.40 to $1.72 ea
100 min qty
Small Printed Wrapper Chocolate
Small Printed Wrapper Chocolates are the perfect promotional give away items that can help promote and advertise your business
from $2.78 to $1.99 ea
250 min qty
Chocolate Customised Identity Card
Chocolate Customised Identity Cards make excellent promotional tools.
from $2.80 to $2.12 ea
100 min qty
Promotional Chocolate Bar
Promotional Chocolate Bars have a minimum purchase order of 100 units.
from $3.02 to $2.38 ea
100 min qty
Personal Label Chocolate Bar
Personal Label Chocolate Bars will make exceptional promotional gifts with your business name and logo used as the wrapper
from $4.41 to $3.06 ea
100 min qty
Oasis Chocolate Bullion
Oasis Chocolate Bullions are premium quality gift ideas.
from $4.73 to $2.93 ea
50 min qty
Roma Chocolate
Roma Chocolates are a medium sized chocolate bar.
from $4.90 to $3.63 ea
100 min qty
Big Chocolate Bar
Big Chocolate Bars are made in beautiful tasting chocolate.
from $4.91 to $2.97 ea
50 min qty
Chocolate Designed Card
Chocolate Designed Cards are fully customizable and can be used as promotional or business gift products
from $5.85 to $4.20 ea
100 min qty
50g Toblerone Bar
Creamy 50g Toblerone Bars can be printed with your unique corporate message.
from $5.91 to $4.52 ea
100 min qty
50 Dollar Chocolate Bar
Chocolate bars are wrapped in a generic $50 note wrapper.
from $6.30 to $4.22 ea
50 min qty
100 Dollar Choc Bar
100 Dollar Choc Bars are available in your choice of three different chocolate blends.
from $6.30 to $4.22 ea
50 min qty
Delicious Poker Set
Delicious Poker Sets are a great value marketing idea to suit any budget.
from $10.05 to $7.43 ea
100 min qty
Customised Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bars are always popular promotional confectionery products with a customisable centre piece
from $29.52 to $19.53 ea
25 min qty

Your customers will surely feel appreciated with our Promotional Chocolate Products! You can get them in three of the most favourite chocolate flavours – milk, dark, and white Belgian to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Promotional Chocolate Bars come in various bars of different sizes that you can customize with your logo on the chocolate itself or just the wrapper. They are perfect gift ideas for parties, anniversaries, or the holiday season.