Bulk Confectionery

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Made in Australia
Bulk Fruit Boiled Lollies
If you love sweets, you’ll enjoy these personalised Bulk Fruit Boiled Lollies.
from $92.40 to $57.20 ea
1 min qty
Made in Australia
Bulk 10 Kilo Box Of Jelly Beans
Customised Bulk 10 Kilo Boxes of Jelly Beans make a delicious gift for loved ones and favour for parties.
from $99.00 to $67.21 ea
1 min qty
Bulk 10 Kilo Box Of Chewy Fruits
Fill your candy bowl with some of these branded Bulk 10Kilo Boxes of Chewy Fruits for a much more exciting event.
from $173.25 to $108.68 ea
1 min qty
Made in Australia
Bulk 10 Kilo Box Of M&Ms
Add a colourful touch to your checkout counter with these promotional Bulk 10 Kilo Boxes of M&Ms.
from $235.95 to $204.49 ea
1 min qty
Made in Australia
Bulk Customised Rock Candy
Custom Bulk Customised Rock Candies will be a hit at birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and homecoming.
from $528.00 to $480.00 ea
1 min qty

Personalised Bulk Confectionery are boxes filled with printed sweets for marketing campaigns. They are superb to help raise money for charity events, as the 10kg box of sweets can be divided into separate packages and bags over a long period of time. They can be popped into a goody bag at parties, weddings and trade shows, or can be sold at concession stands at concerts and sporting events. An added benefit is, these sweets can stay fresh for months, meaning the more you order the more money you save in the long term!

You can choose 10kg filled confectionery boxes filled with chewy fruits or jelly beans if you enjoy a tangy, fruit-flavoured sweet, or individually wrapped boiled lollies if you prefer something to suck on during the day. Our M&M’s are great for coffee shop chains and kid’s parties, as they satisfy all your chocolate cravings and our rock candy is fun and mouth-watering for all occasions.

If you select rock candy as your bulk confectionery choice, there are also added benefits. We can attempt to print the candy in colours to complement your corporate brand, plus we will pop your logo imprint on the end of the candy too! For example, if your company colours are pink and white, we can match the candy stripes to those colours, and if your eco-friendly resort colours are green and blue, we can do that too!

All our boxes can be ordered in units to suit your needs and budget, plus, the more you order the more money you save so nobody has to miss out! As a bonus, the 10kg boxes are unbranded so you are free to distribute the sweet treats in any way you choose. On our website, you’ll also find cello bags, plastic cubes, noodle boxes and pillow boxes, which you can utilise depending on the style and theme of your event.