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Promotional Confectionary Humbug
Promotional Confectionary Humbugs come in a variety of flavours and colours and packaged in a customizable 20g cello bag
from $1.64 to $0.95 ea
100 min qty
20g Business Pillow Pack Humbug
20g Business Pillow Pack Humbugs are small and compact making them excellent for handing out at trade shows and events
from $2.20 to $1.52 ea
100 min qty
Promo Coloured Humbug
Promo Coloured Humbugs are excellent promotional confectionary products that come in a customised clear cello bag
from $2.73 to $2.03 ea
250 min qty
Corporate 50g Humbug
Corporate 50g Humbugs are fun and exciting edible promotional products packaged in a modern customizable pillow pack
from $2.87 to $1.98 ea
100 min qty
80 Gram Lolly Canister
80 Gram Lolly Canisters can be custom printed with your logo.
from $3.30 to $2.51 ea
125 min qty
Corporate Coloured Humbugs
Corporate Coloured Humbugs come complete with a handy re-usable candle tin.
from $3.39 to $2.21 ea
100 min qty
Square Promotional Humbug Jar
Square Promotional Humbug Jars are sealed in a twist locking jar and come with 80g of fun humbug candies in a number of flavours
from $3.53 to $2.85 ea
100 min qty
150g Corporate Humbug Jar
150g Corporate Humbug Jars are fun alternative promotional products to regular boring business give away items
from $3.85 to $3.17 ea
100 min qty
Promotional Humbug Twist Jar
Promotional Humbug Twist Jars make excellent corporate gift items with 180g of humbug candies inside a personalized twist sealing jar
from $4.69 to $3.84 ea
100 min qty
Promo Humbug Twist Jar
Promo Humbug Twist Jars contain 140g of colourful humbug confectionery candies in a sturdy twist sealing promotional jar
from $5.04 to $4.10 ea
100 min qty
Rounded Humbug Tin
Rounded Humbug Tins provide a different, sweeter way for your company to promote its image while provided delectable treats
from $5.11 to $3.64 ea
100 min qty
160g Corporate Coloured Humbugs
160g Corporate Coloured Humbugs in glass jars that can be supplied with a black or white lid.
from $5.22 to $4.12 ea
100 min qty

Humbugs are a classic lolly that are loved by all and we’ve got loads of promotional mint humbugs for your next marketing campaign all contained in our lolly packets & jars with your label on the front. These delicious promotional alternatives are sure to satisfy any customer’s sweet tooth, and with such great promotional potential, these humbugs will certainly serve your business effectively, no matter what the marketing budget. This is one of the reasons that these excellent promotional humbugs are such great value for your business, their extremely affordable price.