Champagne Bottles

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Bottle of Jelly-Beans
Bottle of Jelly Beans filled with 220 grams of beans are the perfect corporate gift idea that is imaginative and unique
from $5.25 to $4.16 ea
100 min qty
Sparkling Champagne Bottle
Sparkling Champagne Bottles are filled with 220g confectionery.
from $6.10 to $4.39 ea
100 min qty
Promo Champagne Mint Bottle
Promo Champagne Mint Bottles make great corporate promotional gifts and can be custom printed with your company logo
from $6.16 to $4.81 ea
100 min qty
Promo Candy Bottles
Promo Candy Bottles personalised with your logo in two places make great value corporate gifts with a fun element
from $7.60 to $5.79 ea
100 min qty
M&M Champagne Bottles
M&M Champagne Bottles with two sticker opportunities that can be custom printed with your corporate statement
from $8.89 to $7.22 ea
100 min qty

Confectionary Champagne Bottles are exceptional promotional gift products that are sure to impress and help to increase your corporate image. These extremely fun, unique and also delicious promotional lolly bottles ensure that you promote your business profile effectively due to the fact they are sure to be a well received corporate gift. Arguably the best feature of these bottles for your business comes from their affordable price. These excellent custom candy bottles won’t break the promotional marketing budget, enabling those business who might not otherwise been able to deliver promotional products to their customers, to give these novelty champagne bottles full of lollies away as effective promotional tools.