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Jelly-Bean Jar
Jelly Bean Jars make popular custom giveaway gifts when branded with a company logo or slogan
from $3.38 to $2.91 ea
250 min qty
Promo Jelly-Bean Containers
Promo Jelly Bean Containers are always in demand and these stylish corporate business products are popular
from $3.43 to $2.91 ea
100 min qty
Jelly-Bean Window Tin
Jelly Bean Window Tins are rounded tins filled to the top with your choice of beans, making them excellent marketing tools
from $4.97 to $3.32 ea
100 min qty
Rounded Humbug Tin
Rounded Humbug Tins provide a different, sweeter way for your company to promote its image while provided delectable treats
from $5.11 to $3.64 ea
100 min qty
Small Mint or Musk Tin
Small Mint or Musk Tins are tins filled with your choice of musks or mints that make for popular promotional items to hand out during company events
from $5.36 to $3.64 ea
100 min qty
Mini Beans in a Drum
Mini Beans in a Drum are superior sweets.
from $6.58 to $5.62 ea
100 min qty
Mini Jelly Beans in a Drum
Mini Jelly Beans in a Drum are an effective confectionery product.
from $6.58 to $5.62 ea
100 min qty
Chocolate Bean Rounded Tin
Chocolate Bean Rounded Tins come with yummy treats and enough space for your printed or sticker-based corporate message
from $7.18 to $5.28 ea
100 min qty

Personalised jars of lollies go a long way in the office environment these days. Effective corporate gifts are those that stand out from the crowd and impress your customers, which is exactly what our great personalised lolly jars will do. Designed to put a smile on your customers faces, these unique promotional candy cans are great quality premiums that stand to serve just about every business effectively, helping to enhance and further their business profile.

With several different types of these canisters, such as jelly bean canisters, chocolate confectionary canisters, promotional mint canisters and Mentos canisters, you can also be sure to deliver a promotional canister that satisfies your customers sweet tooth.