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28 March, 2022

Raise Funds For Charities With Promotional Confectionery

There is no denying we all have a bit of a sweet tooth, so for charities looking to raise funds, using promotional confectionery for your cause is a great way to make money and also raise more awareness about your particular charity. If you have drive days or booths at weekend fairs, these are ideal places to generate income and promote yourselves. There are many types of confectionery and lollies that are suitable, so we thought we’d highlight some of the better ideas.

1. Jelly Beans: These are great for promotional use as everyone loves a jelly bean. There are also some other factors that make them popular. Firstly, they are hardy in regards to weather. Heat is not a friend to chocolate and we all know about Australian summers, whereas jelly beans can withstand heat without melting. You don’t necessarily want to keep them out on 100-degree days, but they do stand up to the weather well. Another reason they are so popular is they do not break or chip in transportation. Many other confectioneries will chip at edges, but jelly beans won’t, so even if you have to put them in a box and transport them to your event, you know they will arrive in good condition. They also have a good shelf life, so this means you can order excess to what you currently need to get a better price and store the rest to use throughout the year. There are lots of ways you can present them. If it is a low-key event where you know people won’t have much money, you could do little cello bags with a printed sticker of your charity on the front. If it is a bigger event, you could look at noodle boxes filled with jelly beans or even buckets with 500gram or 1kg of jelly beans.

2. M&Ms: Name brand lollies are perfect because people know what they are getting and who can resist a little chocolate. M&Ms are great because they have an outer coating to help prevent melting. They are also incredibly tasty and they come in a huge variety of packaging. If your charity is involved in health causes you could get syringes or test tubes filled with confectionery. If it is something to do with the heart, there are many tins, glass and acrylic heart shapes that can be filled with M&Ms. There are many options, we are sure you will find one to suit your charity.

3. Mints: Without a doubt, mints are one of the most popular confectionery items to sell. It doesn’t mean we all have bad breath, but a refreshing mint during the day is always a good thing. Mints are also one of the most durable confectionery products. They won’t melt in the heat, they have a shelf life of at least a year and they also won’t chip or break apart. They are the perfect product and there are countless ways to package them. You have clear bags, header bags, tins, jars, glass containers, novelty packaging, noodle boxes and the list goes on. All of these packaging items can be branded with a printed sticker to advertise your charity.

Did you know we offer charities a special discount? If you are interested in using confectionery for your next fund drive, contact us directly and we can let you know about what we offer charities to do our little bit to help. We can also recommend the type of confectionery to suit your promotion and get the most monies you can from your fund drive. Just give us a call or send us an email and one of our sales staff would be happy to help. In these tough times, every cent counts, so grab your discount today and start selling your confectionery items to raise money.

The Confectionery Only Team