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Confectionery Only is a top supplier of confectionery products in Australia. We offer a huge range of confectionery items including personalised candy, cheap lollies, chocolate beans, wedding chocolates, jelly beans, sugar free mints, rock candy and more. All our lollies can be printed, either directly on the candy or on the packaging, with your logo. Depending on the type of lollies you choose it can be either pad printed or screen printed with your corporate branding. All of our bulk confectionery products are fully priced on the website.

Our Most Popular Confectionery Candy

Happy Fortune Cookie
Happy Fortune Cookies are economical and popular.
from $2.67 to $1.32 ea
100 min qty
Medium Wide Bag Loaded With Pretzel Snaps
The medium wide snack pack bag loaded with pretzel snaps can be customised with an imprinted business logo to boost your sales.
from $2.63 to $2.43 ea
300 min qty
M&Ms 100g Light Bulb
M&Ms 100g Light Bulbs with your Logo are a bright marketing idea.
from $5.18 to $3.93 ea
100 min qty
Large Header Bag Loaded With Chewing Gum
The printed large header bag loaded with chewing gum is compact and convenient for customers on the go.
from $2.91 to $2.72 ea
300 min qty
Custom Die Cut Candy Box Packed With Custom Conversation Hearts
Say a genuine "thank you" to your customers with this custom die cut candy box packed with custom conversation hearts.
from $7.20 to $6.91 ea
250 min qty
Customised Mint Roll
Customised Mint Rolls are an excellent addition to any companies promotional merchandising range of products with their great price.
from $1.31 to $1.03 ea
250 min qty
Assorted Promo Jelly-Beans
Assorted Promo Jelly Beans are in big demand as promotional gifts especially for corporate executive clients
from $1.44 to $0.78 ea
100 min qty
Small M&M's Printed Bag
Small M&Ms Printed Bags are high quality promo handout items.
from $1.65 to $1.04 ea
100 min qty

Promotional Confectionery Ideas

Please choose from the wide selection of personalised candy listed on the side menu. With such a diverse variety and range of cheap wholesale confectionery products you can be sure to find one that matches your promotional marketing budget. We deliver some great and unique personalised candy at our website that will serve your business very effectively.

Our Newest Confectionery

M&M's MunchCup
M&M's MunchCup lets you immerse yourself in the unique experience it provides.
from $11.82 to $9.76 ea
50 min qty
Billboard With 25g Jelly Beans Lolly Bag
Printed Billboard With 25g Jelly Beans Lolly Bags can be given out at fundraisers.
from $1.88 to $1.15 ea
100 min qty
100g Chewy Fruits
100g Chewy Fruits are cost effective promo giveaways at trade shows.
from $2.10 to $1.55 ea
100 min qty
7g Chewy Fruits
7g Chewy Fruits can be given away as promotional items.
from $0.18 to $0.14 ea
2500 min qty
Billboard With 50g Smarties Lolly Bag
Custom Billboard With 50g Smarties Lolly Bags can be ordered in larger quantities.
from $2.99 to $2.04 ea
100 min qty
Billboard With 50g Mixed Lollies Lolly Bag
Printed Billboard With 50g Mixed Lollies Lolly Bags can be sold at sporting events.
from $2.03 to $1.39 ea
100 min qty
Billboard With 50g Skittles Lolly Bag
Billboard With 50g Skittles Lolly Bags are great branded fundraiser items.
from $2.54 to $1.74 ea
100 min qty
Billboard With 50g Chewy Fruits Lolly Bag
Logo Billboard With 50g Chewy Fruits Lolly Bags are great for sports teams.
from $1.98 to $1.35 ea
100 min qty

Our business chocolate cards and jelly babies are sure to be well received by your customers and help to further your corporate image. We also deliver promotional buckets and canisters filled with cheap lollies which are perfect for those businesses looking for wholesale and cheap candy products. We have jelly bean buckets, Mentos buckets and mint canisters as well as numerous other confectionery candies.

Arguably our chocolate range is one of the best you could ask for, with an exceptional range of different priced and types of personalised candies available for your business to use as effective promotional items. We supply personal label chocolate, chocolate coins, and many others. Any customer, staff or business friend with a sweet tooth is sure to enjoy these great candy items that will certainly help enhance your corporate image, and certainly impress whoever is lucky enough to receive these delicious and cheap lollies.

At Confectionery Only, not only do we supply a huge range of items but our site is one of a family of merchandise sites that come under our flagship PromotionsOnly company. If you are in need of other promotional items besides personalised candy gifts, then you can go to our parent website and find a great range of corporate products.

You’ll find a huge range of lollipops for weddings and savoury snacks on our website, all ready to be branded with your corporate logo or message. Choosing the right candy product for your next trade show, conference or promotional event couldn’t be easier with our confectionery gifts all divided into different lolly categories, so you can make an informed choice of product for your next promotion.

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