syringe filled with candy

28 November, 2021

Promotional Confectionery For The Healthcare Industry

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and a great way to get yourself in the door when making cold sales calls or to promote your healthcare brand is through promotional confectionery. Besides the usual run of the mill things like bags of lollies, you could do product targeted confectionery that directly applies to healthcare.

  1. Candy Filled Syringes: These are a great way to promote your business if you are a doctor or a business related to healthcare. These plastic syringes look like the real deal, but they are filled with different types of lollies or chocolates. They are perfect to give to patients as they leave or if you are involved in a trade show, they make the perfect giveaway to entice people to visit your booth. You can choose from many different fillings including jelly beans, mints, chewy fruits and even Vicks Vaponaturals. Branding is easy with a full colour digitally printed label and they are extremely cost effective.

  2. Confectionery Filled Test Tubes: Another great healthcare themed confectionery idea is our range of test tubes. Just like the syringes they are perfect for medical centres or doctors to hand out. There are plenty of filling options including skittles, chewy fruits, mints and chocolate beans. There are choices of screw cap or if you really want to get into the test tube vibe, there are some with cork closure. They can also be branded with a full colour sticker and are at an affordable price point to enable you to hand out in bulk at your medical clinic or perhaps a trade show booth.

  3. Confectionery Filled Baby Bottles: Now these are a very cute idea. Miniature baby bottles filled with tasty lollies and candies. Perfect for prenatal clinics to hand out to expectant parents, the top screws off for easy access. Again, the choices for confectionery are large with options such as choc beans, mints, rainbow lollies and jelly beans. A full colour label is applied with your logo or message and they are inexpensive to buy. A yummy treat that everyone will enjoy.

  4. Promotional Lozenges: Ideal for the cold and flu season, this range offers a great selection of lozenges in different custom packaging. You can get eucalyptus humbugs in cello bags, Vicks VapoNaturals in a syringe, box or tin or you can get brand name Soothers Lozenges with a custom printed sleeve over the top. All of these are perfect giveaways over the winter months when they would be most appreciated and used.

There are so many ways to advertise your business through promotional confectionery if you are in the health care business, so why not try one of the above for your next promotion or if you are stuck for ideas, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss.

The Confectionery Only Team