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14 July, 2023

Innovative And Creative Ways to Use Promotional Jelly Beans

When it comes to promotional products, jelly beans are a tasty and popular choice. Forget about those boring blogs rehashing the same ideas. Jelly beans capture attention with their vibrant colours and delicious flavours, so lets get creative about how you can use them for promotions - I promise you, you'll get excited! This blog will explore innovative ways to use promotional jelly beans in marketing strategies.

  1. Interactive Displays
    Transform your promotional jelly beans into an interactive experience by creating eye-catching displays. Set up visually appealing jars or dispensers filled with colorful jelly beans and encourage customers to guess the number of beans for a chance to win a prize. This interactive element not only attracts attention but also fosters engagement, creating a memorable brand experience that customers will associate with your business.
  2. "Guess the Flavour" Contest
    Create a "Guess the Flavour" contest where participants have to taste different jelly beans and identify the flavours correctly. You can also incorporate a "Jelly Bean Match" memory game where customers try to match jelly bean flavours to corresponding descriptions. These gamified experiences entertain customers and deepen their interaction with your brand.
  3. Jelly Bean Art
    Encourage customers or employees to create unique artwork using promotional jelly beans as the medium, showcasing their creativity and incorporating your brand message. Provide a designated area or table where participants can create their jelly bean artwork. Arrange a variety of promotional jelly beans in different colours, sizes, and flavours. Supply additional materials such as glue, paper or canvas, and any other decorative items like markers or stickers if desired.
    Display examples of jelly bean art or provide inspiration boards to spark creativity. Encourage participants to think outside the box and explore different techniques and styles while creating their artwork. Suggest using the jelly beans to form shapes, patterns, or even three-dimensional structures. Encourage participants to explain their artistic choices and how they incorporated your brand message or elements into their artwork. Consider appointing judges, whether they are individuals from your company or external guests, to evaluate the artwork based on creativity, originality, and alignment with the brand message. Award prizes to the top entries, such as gift cards, branded merchandise, or recognition certificates.
  4. Jelly Bean Mixology: Host a jelly bean mixology event where participants can experiment with different flavours of jelly beans to create customised mocktails or cocktails. Prepare a well-equipped mixology station or bar area with various mixing tools, glassware, and ingredients needed for creating mocktails or cocktails. Arrange a wide selection of different flavours of promotional jelly beans in containers or bowls. Display recipe cards or provide a menu board with suggested drink combinations to inspire participants. Assign a mixologist or bartender to guide participants through the process, providing instructions and suggestions on how to incorporate jelly beans into their drinks. Offer a variety of mixers, such as sodas, juices, and syrups, along with garnishes like fruit slices or herbs to complement the flavours of the jelly beans. Encourage participants to taste the jelly beans and experiment with different combinations before adding them to their drinks. Encourage participants to share their experiences and discuss the unique flavour profiles they have achieved using the jelly beans.

    If desired, appoint judges or allow participants to vote for their favourite jelly bean mixology creations. Consider categories such as "Most Creative," "Best Flavor Combination," or "Most Visually Appealing." Present prizes or certificates to the winners, recognising their mixology skills and creativity.

    Take photos of the participants and their drinks throughout the event, capturing the excitement and creativity. Share the photos on social media or your company's website, promoting the fun and engaging nature of the jelly bean mixology event. Consider creating a recipe booklet or online resource featuring the best drink combinations from the event, giving credit to the participants and showcasing their unique creations.
  5. Jelly Bean Sculptures: Organise a jelly bean sculpture competition, challenging participants to build intricate structures or sculptures using only promotional jelly beans. Offer edible glue or icing as the adhesive for the sculptures. Place additional decorative items like toothpicks, small skewers, or edible decorations for participants to use as embellishments if desired. Emphasise the importance of creativity, precision, and structural stability in building the sculptures. Provide paper, pencils, and markers for participants to sketch their ideas before starting the construction process. Encourage them to experiment with different techniques and structures, such as stacking, interlocking, or creating patterns with the jelly beans. Remind participants to consider the stability and balance of their sculptures to prevent them from collapsing.

    Once the construction phase is complete, designate a judging panel or invite participants to vote for their favourite sculptures. Evaluate the sculptures based on creativity, intricacy, structural stability, and adherence to the given theme. Award prizes or certificates to the winners, recognising their craftsmanship and originality.

    Create a designated area to display the jelly bean sculptures for all participants and attendees to admire. Encourage participants to explain their inspiration, techniques, or challenges faced during the construction process. Take photographs of the sculptures from different angles, capturing the details and craftsmanship. Share the images on social media or your company's website to showcase the participants' talent and promote the event's success. Consider creating a collage or online gallery of the sculptures, giving credit to the participants and their designs.
  6. Jelly Bean Science Experiments: Collaborate with schools or educational institutions to conduct science experiments using promotional jelly beans, showcasing the properties of sugar, colours, and flavours. Discuss the potential benefits of the event, such as hands-on learning opportunities, engagement with different scientific concepts, and the incorporation of promotional jelly beans.
    Choose experiments that explore concepts like solubility, osmosis, color mixing, density, or even conducting taste tests.

    Begin the event by providing an introduction to the scientific concepts that will be explored.
    Emphasise the importance of safety and provide instructions on handling materials, wearing protective gear if necessary, and following proper lab procedures. Set up different experiment stations, each focusing on a specific scientific concept or experiment. Assign educators or volunteers to each station to guide participants through the experiments and explain the underlying scientific principles.

    Invite participants, such as students or attendees, to rotate through the experiment stations.
    Encourage them to actively engage in the experiments by following instructions, making observations, and recording their findings. Experiments could explore the sugar content, colour mixing and absorption, blind taste tests, etc

    Encourage participants to record their observations, measurements, and data during each experiment. Guide them in analysing the collected data, drawing conclusions, and discussing the scientific significance of their findings.

    Facilitate a group discussion or Q&A session where participants can share their observations, ask questions, and discuss the outcomes of the experiments. Encourage critical thinking and the application of scientific concepts to real-life scenarios. Provide participants with informational handouts summarising the experiments, scientific concepts, and their applications in everyday life.
    Encourage further exploration of science through recommended resources or additional experiments that can be conducted at home or in the classroom.

    It provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and engage in hands-on learning, fostering a love for science and curiosity about the world around them.
  7. Jelly Bean Potluck: The Jelly Bean Potluck event combines culinary creativity and the joy of sharing food with a fun jelly bean twist. By encouraging participants to bring dishes that incorporate or are inspired by jelly beans, the event sparks imagination and allows for unique and surprising culinary creations. It provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their cooking skills, engage in friendly competition, and exchange recipe ideas.

    Encourage participants to get creative with their dishes and emphasise that both sweet and savoury options are welcome. Keep track of the dish assignments to ensure a diverse range of jelly bean-inspired creations. Decorate the event space with vibrant and playful jelly bean-themed decorations, including colourful tablecloths, banners, and centrepieces. Examples of jelly bean-based dishes could include jelly bean-infused desserts, jelly bean-topped salads, jelly bean-inspired cocktails, jelly bean-flavoured sauces, or even jelly bean-studded main courses.

    Emphasise that participants should unleash their culinary creativity and experiment with flavours, textures, and presentation. Invite participants and attendees to taste and sample the different jelly bean-inspired dishes. Provide small plates or tasting portions to encourage sharing and trying multiple dishes.

    Organise a friendly competition by inviting participants and attendees to vote for their favourite jelly bean-based dish. Provide ballots or a voting system where participants can cast their votes based on creativity, taste, presentation, or any other criteria. Announce the winners of the jelly bean dish competition. Offer small prizes or certificates to participants who receive the highest votes or recognition for their culinary creations.

    Encourage participants and attendees to mingle, discuss their dishes, and share recipe ideas.
    Provide opportunities for participants to connect with one another and foster a sense of community. Create a recipe booklet or digital platform where participants can share their jelly bean-inspired recipes. Offer participants copies of the recipe booklet as a memento of the event.

    The Jelly Bean Potluck event combines culinary creativity and the joy of sharing food with a fun jelly bean twist. By encouraging participants to bring dishes that incorporate or are inspired by jelly beans, the event sparks imagination and allows for unique and surprising culinary creations. It provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their cooking skills, engage in friendly competition, and exchange recipe ideas. Overall, the event fosters a sense of community, encourages culinary exploration, and creates lasting memories centred around the delicious and playful world of jelly beans.
  8. Jelly Bean Relay Race: Organise a team-based relay race where participants must use a spoon to transport promotional jelly beans from one point to another, adding an element of fun and excitement to your promotional activities. The Jelly Bean Relay Race infuses the promotional activity with energy, competitiveness, and laughter. It provides an entertaining and engaging way for participants to interact with your brand while enjoying the thrill of a team-based competition. The use of spoons and jelly beans adds a unique twist to the traditional relay race format, creating memorable moments and fostering camaraderie among teammates. This event promotes physical activity, enhances brand visibility, and leaves a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike.

    Divide participants into teams of equal size. Each team should have an equal number of players.
    Designate a starting point and a finish line for the relay race. Create a relay course with several checkpoints or stations along the way, spaced at appropriate distances. Provide each team with a spoon for each player. The spoons should be large enough to hold multiple jelly beans. Place a bowl filled with promotional jelly beans at the starting point for each team. Inform the participants they must use the spoon to transport jelly beans from the starting point to the finish line.
    Emphasise that the jelly beans must remain on the spoon throughout the race, and players cannot use their hands to hold the beans. Each participant must complete their leg of the race before passing the spoon to the next teammate.

    The first player from each team stands at the starting point, holding the spoon with jelly beans.
    When the race begins, the first player starts moving towards the first checkpoint while balancing the jelly beans on the spoon. At each checkpoint, the player must transfer a certain number of jelly beans from their spoon into a designated container or bowl. Introduce fun challenges or obstacles at each checkpoint to add excitement and variety to the race. For example, participants may need to balance the spoon with jelly beans on their heads while completing a small task or answer a jelly bean-themed trivia question before proceeding.

    Once the first player reaches a checkpoint, they pass the spoon to the next teammate. The next player continues the race, starting from where the previous player left off. The team that successfully completes the relay race and reaches the finish line first is declared the winner. Encourage fair play and good sportsmanship throughout the race. Emphasise that the event is meant to be enjoyable and inclusive for all participants. Consider offering small prizes or certificates to the winning team members.

    In conclusion, jelly beans are a tasty and engaging option for promotional products. Incorporating them into your marketing strategies allows you to create interactive experiences that leave a lasting impression. Don't get bogged down with traditional marketing. Get creative -  Interactive displays, "Guess the Flavour" contests, and jelly bean art allow customers to creatively engage with your brand. Jelly bean mixology events offer a flavorful twist to drink-making, while jelly bean science experiments provide hands-on learning experiences. The Jelly Bean Potluck event combines culinary creativity and community, and the Jelly Bean Relay Race adds energy and excitement to promotional activities. Embrace the vibrancy and flavours of jelly beans to create memorable experiences that engage your audience and reinforce your brand message. Let your imagination run wild and explore the sweet potential of jelly beans in your marketing strategies.

The Confectionery Only Team