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22 March, 2022

Celebrate Your Event With Promotional Confectionery

A fun way to promote your next event is through promotional confectionery. There are lots of different packaging that can transform your lollies from the mundane to the exciting. We thought we’d highlight some of the more celebratory occasions that might come up through the year and how you can use confectionery to help celebrate both the occasion and also promote your business or cause at the same time. Some that stand out are the following

  1. Birthdays
  2. Weddings
  3. Anniversaries
  4. Store Openings
  5. New Product Launch

There are so many unique packaging ideas that can add a little extra wow factor, we thought we’d pick some of the more obvious ones and showcase them to you

1. Champagne BottlesThese fun little bottles are made of plastic in the shape of a champagne bottle. They come with a full colour printed sticker around the body and gold foil at the top for unwrapping. They are perfect for any celebratory occasion such as birthdays, weddings or Anniversaries. They come filled with yummy confectionery such as mints, chewy fruits, jelly beans and M&Ms.

2. Heart-Shaped Jars: Celebrating a loved one’s milestone is always a special occasion. A great way to keep the “love” theme going is through glass jars that are in the shape of a heart. They have a cork top for closure and branding is through a full colour digitally printed sticker. There is a massive range of fillings including toffees, jelly beans, mints, mentos, chocolate beans and more. You could print the date and the person’s name on the sticker or maybe do one of those embarrassing photo moments. They’ll also make a nice keepsake for after the event for people to put their loose change or keys into, so the memory of the day will last long after it is finished.

3. Acrylic Heart ShapesThese are definitely one for the celebrating weddings. These cute containers are in the shape of a heart. They have a sticker on the outside front cover that can be printed with the bride and groom’s name, plus the date of the wedding. They make excellent wedding bonbonnieres for people to take home afterwards so they have a lasting memory of your special day.

4. Printed Boxes: Now these are perfect for store openings. These small boxes are printed in full colour over the entire box. It gives you a huge branding area and due to their cheap cost, you can hand them out by the hundreds to entice people to come into your new store. Not many people can refuse a sweet treat, and that especially goes for kids, so entice the kids with a box of confectionery and the parents will be forced to come.

There are lots of ways you can celebrate a special occasion with some form of confectionery. If you have an event coming up that needs celebrating and you are not sure what would work best, give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to help. There are 100’s of options and it can sometimes be confusing – that’s when it’s good to get professional help to make sure your special day is perfect.

The Confectionery Only Team