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It’s hard to look past our personalised M&Ms in a range of assortments. We have a huge selection of exciting custom M&Ms products that your company can effectively use for promotional purposes in the future. The M&M's are delicious and are classic confectionery products that everyone loves and that's what makes our promotional M&Ms products the perfect personalised gift idea. We have a great combination product that includes two favourite promotional items with the coffee mug M&Ms as it includes a custom coffee mug filled with delicious M&Ms confectionery candies.

All Our Promotional Merchandise in M&Ms

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Small M&M's Printed Bag
Small M&M's Printed Bags are high quality promo handout items
M&Ms Clear Pack
M&Ms Clear Packs are exceptional promotional gift items that are filled with 50grams of delicious chocolate M&Ms
Medium Printed M&M's Bag
Medium Printed M&M's Bags can be the perfect promo handout item
M&M's Pillow Bag
M&M's Pillow Bags include 25g of delicious M&M's
Promotional Chocolate Test Tube
Promotional Chocolate Test Tubes are a great value marketing alternative and they wont break the promotional budget
M&M's Pillow Pack
M&M's Pillow Packs are simple and delicious promotional items
Promo M&Ms Pillow Pack
Promo M&Ms Pillow Packs come are filled with 85grams of sweet M&Ms and make excellent promotional gifts
60g M&M's Cube
60g M&M's Cubes feature 60g of delicious M&M candies
Printed M&M's Pack
Printed M&M's Packs can be customized with your business info
40g Mini M&M Tin
40g Mini M&M Tins are filled to the brim with delicious treats.
Corporate M&Ms Tin
Corporate M&Ms Tins are premium edible promotional products that come in a two piece tin for corporate events.
Mini M&M Hinge Tin
Mini M&M Hinge Tins are a fun and delicious marketing idea.
Clear Candy Tube
Clear Candy Tubes come with 100g of M&Ms and are a novel, new way to promote your business image
Large M&M's Pillow Bag
Large M&M's Pillow Bags can be customized with your business info
M&M's Box
M&M's Boxes can be customized with your business logo
Branded M&M's Noodle Box
Branded M&M's Noodle Boxes include a colour handle and full colour sticker
Tasty M&M Soda Bottles
Tasty M&M Soda Bottles with a chocolaty experience of mini M&M’s for all occasions.
Corporate M&Ms Container
Corporate M&Ms Containers are in a small container, with your corporate logo make them excellent promotional gifts
Choc Filled Pill Dispenser
Choc Filled Pill Dispensers are a delightful and economical giveaway idea.
Large M&M's Cube
Large M&M's Cubes are the perfect promo stocking stuffers
Noodle Box of M&Ms
Noodle Boxes of M&Ms have 180 grams of M&Ms inside a clear noodle box. Unique promotional idea.
160g Round Window Tin
160g Round Window Tins are a re-usable promotional tool.
180 Gram M&M Bucket
180 Gram M&M Buckets cannot be beaten for fun and value.
Promo Choc Champagne Bottle
Promo Choc Champagne Bottles can be custom printed with your choice of logo.
M&Ms Acrylic Promo Shaker
M&Ms Acrylic Promo Shakers are the corporate branded gift idea that come filled with 320gms of assorted M&Ms
Medium M&M Bucket
Medium M&M Buckets are attractive and fun buckets filled with flavour.
Promo Canister of M&Ms
Promo Canisters of M&Ms are 12cm tall and make desirable and tasty promotional items for business fun days
M&Ms in Clear Dispenser
MM's in Clear Dispensers are filled with 550 grams of M&Ms making them tasty promo products
Promo M&Ms Drum
Promo M&Ms Drums, one litre drums filled with 850 grams of M&Ms are the perfect promotional confectionery item
M&M 1 Kilo Bucket
M&M 1 Kilo Buckets are a yummy gift giving alternative.
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